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November 2023

A two-player cooperative navigation game where players work together to guide a series of tragic heroes through obstacle-filled corridors en route to a climactic confrontation with the sun. Using custom hardware, the game recontextualizes the classic “light gun” control scheme as a call-and-response mechanic for coordinated movement.


Establish a rhythm with your companion and put your rapport to the test across four unique chapters in this realtime death-driven kinetic waltz. Synthesizing fundamentals of lightgun, masocore, and bullet hell classics with the addition of real-time strategy and cooperative elements, Waxwing is a singular take on precision gameplay.



2024: Human Human Machine, A MAZE, Berlin, Germany



2024: A MAZE, Berlin, Germany

2024: MAGFest, National Harbor, MD

2023: Day of the Devs, w/We Throw Switches, Los Angeles, CA

2022: Waxwing Release Show, Wonderville, Brooklyn, NY

Additional Credits

Advisor/Construction Support: Mark Kleeb

Lightgun Technology: Andy Sinden of Sinden Lightgun

Controller Fabrication: Jacob Turetsky of Artiform Design

Made possible with support from Arcade Commons and funding from the Brooklyn Arts Council.