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Brave Mouse Cartographer Trilogy

July 2020

Brave Mouse Cartographer Trilogy is a triptych of ambient systems to be enjoyed either on their own or as the basis for a community-based cooperative mapping game. Participants work together, taking turns playing the role of mapmaker as the group tries to chart on paper the contours and contents of a wide and mysterious continent. This is all viewed from the perspective of our small, brave hero, clinging dearly to the back of a great bird, flying at random according to its own unknowable whims.


2020: Human Human Machine Award, A MAZE, Berlin, Germany


2023: Raindrop Races, Boshi's Place, Brooklyn, NY

2023: PLAY23, Hamburg, Germany

2022: A MAZE, Berlin, Germany

2022: MAGFest, National Harbor, MD

2020: PLAY20, Hamburg, Germany

2020: A MAZE, Berlin, Germany

2020: Wonderville Drink Rink, Wonderville, Brooklyn, NY

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