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A Tragic Accidental Still Life

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Rushing from home to home through the endless suburbs, an ambulance driver fails yet again to revive the latest victim of a drug epidemic. Made numb by repetitive tragedy, he seeks excitement the only way he knows how — by stealing from the victims he’s been called to help.


Equal parts mundane and surreal, A Tragic Accidental Still Life is a three-act arcade adventure that unravels into a vast narrative tapestry of daydreams, prison breaks, and far-flung night flights. Speed through the sprawl. Save your neighbors. Take their stuff — and follow a path of stolen mementos through prisons and reveries across America.


2023: Best Progress (“[A] work that advances the concept of the game”), IGDGF, Seoul, South Korea

2022: Honorable Mention, A MAZE, Berlin, Germany


2023: IGDGF, Seoul, South Korea
2023: MAGFest, National Harbor, MD

2022: Busan Indie Connect, Busan, South Korea

2022: A MAZE, Berlin, Germany

2022: NYCxDESIGN, New York, NY

2022: MAGFest, National Harbor, MD